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Experiences are what matters, and retreats provide lasting lifelong memories and benefits!  Find a retreat, plan a retreat, join the virtual retreat community, or enroll in Retreat Business Academy. 
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Kristi Dement
Founder, Content Manager

Hi! I'm excited that you're reading this. Kirsten and I are both committed to your success. Since 2013, I have worked directly with innkeepers (and for the past 4-5 years, a state B&B association) to improve their online marketing efforts through consistent and effective blogging, email marketing, and social media activity. I'm also the Marketing Director for Bed & Breakfast Magazine so I have some great tips about how to earn free publicity for your retreats! I look forward to serving you. 

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Kirsten Polman
Founder, Marketing Manager

My passion is promoting retreat experiences! At home, I am the mom of 3 sports loving kids, and wife to an outdoor loving husband.  I started a retreat venue 15 years ago while in a corporate career with the mission of helping women to get away without feeling guilty.  My journey evolved to promoting and supporting other retreats through retreat directories and marketing services.  With that experience, I have seen what it takes to have a successful retreat business, and if you’ve got the passion, I’ll help you create a plan to make income with retreats.

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